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Miracle of Reproduction, The

Published 1963

This film is "the story of reproduction". It makes use of many shots of nature and animals along with illustrations of flowers, fish, chicken and cow reproductive processes in order to finally explain human reproduction. The male's role in the human reproductive process is distant -- implied through the similar process that occurs among the animals. Ultimately, the joys of reproduction can be looked forward to in the bond of matrimony.

Ocean tides
puppies eating
Close-up of a cow's calf
illustration of a magnifying glass and arrow, labelled "EGG", illustration with arrow pointing first to a fish and then an elephant, violet, and a blue-bird
illustration of a flower, arrows labelled with "PISTIL" and "OVARY"
illustration of two flowers, labelled "MOTHER" and "FATHER", with an illustration of a bee
the planting of seeds, watering
fish in an aquarium
Close up of fish eggs
illustration of two fish, labels: "MOTHER","FATHER", "MILT", AND "EGGS"
illustration of sperm
illustration of ocean scene with fish, eggs, and a shell
illustration of a chicken, with arrows: "EGGS" "SPERM", with sperm moving towards egg
a baby chick breaking its way out of its egg
many chicks crowded together
illustration of a cow and a bull, with labels: "OVARIES, VAGINA, UTERUS"
illustration of a cow with calf in its womb, with label: "UTERUS"
a calf awkwardly standing up
a mother holding a tiny infant
Close-up of a wedding band, slow zoom out to a man kissing her hand, both with large Afros
illustration of the female reproductive system, with labels: "OVARY, UTERUS, OVARY", an egg moves down to the uterus, arrows pointing down uterus (menstruation), arrows pointing up uterus (insemination)
illustration of one egg with sperm surrounding it
illustration of a young fetus in the womb of a woman, with labels: "FOETUS, UMBILICAL CORD", the foetus illustration becomes increasingly larger
illustration of the side view of a woman during increasingly later stages of pregnancy, until the foetus is outside

Covers the reproductive process in plants and animals. Explains that all life forms on earth share the same beginning -- as a tiny egg. Details and compares the similarities of the reproduction of plants in the garden, fish in oceans and streams, and of birds on land and how these differ from that of humans. Includes illustrations complete with labels of the sexual parts of flowers, a cow and a bull, a mother and a father, sperm and an egg. This film suggests that “since human babies, unlike other animals, are unable to care for themselves after a couple of months or weeks they need the love and protection of Mothers and Fathers for years to come-- this is why two people in love get married before they have children so they can make a home, provide love, care and protections that babies need for years to come. Explains that when a girl is married and mates with her husband millions of sperm from the fathers body enter the mothers vagina” there is no mention how sperm gets in side the woman. The subtle moral message this film imparts is that reproduction is solely an act of marriage. “And in years from now when you fall in love and get married, you may experience the greatest miracle of all -- having children of your own.”

Footage about how various animal reproduce: flowers, fish, birds, cows, humans. 1970s film on reproduction.

04:01:42:16 Pan over CBS building.

04:05:02:26 Great shot seed planting, CU disembodied hand with gardening shovel digs hole in soil, pours seeds into hole, covers hole, disembodied hand pours waters from metal can over planted seeds.

04:05:53:00 CU small open container of fish eggs or roe, disembodied hand picks up fish egg, rolls it around between thumb and forefinger then replaces it in the container.

04:08:32:18 CU chicken egg; egg cracks open; chick breaks out of egg; CU fluffy chick; dozens of newborn chicks crammed together on top of egg shells.

04:10:35:28 Cute brown and white calf stands up.

04:11:22:10 CU woman’s hand wearing engagement ring holding man’s hand; camera pans out to show 1970s man and woman seated holding hands, both wearing hair in afros. Various diagrams about human reproduction.

04:15:02:11 MS Asian woman holding baby in arms feeding newborn baby with bottle.

04:09:20:08 Polar Bear.

Producer Davis (Sid) Productions
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: Spuzz - - June 14, 2014
Subject: "I Bet You're Wondering What Happens Next"
Just ok exploration of sexuality and what goes on. Its a Sid Davis film, and despite that, not really exciting. The film goes into the reproduction system of plants, fish and birds, and cows before talking about humans. And it's pretty ordinary "tell them everything except the messy stuff" of these types of films, except when the narrator insists that the only children that can be born are from couples who fall in love and get married. No unmarried love here! The volume is a bit low on this one.
Reviewer: spuder - - January 15, 2013
Subject: The 1974 version
Sid Davis released a film by this name in 1963 but it was B&W. This is the 1974 color remake. It is a high level view of the subject probably aimed at 8th or 9th graders.
Reviewer: JayKay49 - - December 18, 2012
Subject: More like 1969 or 70
Afros came in a bit later than 1963. Sid Davis just had to do a film on reproduction to balance his other films that approach "non-reproductive" sex. Not really a landmark film...once again we don't get any clues as how those sperms get there. Already there is a focus on non-white reproduction (no fat pasty white babies here) which would snowball in subsequent years.

The sound is very low in this repro.
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